High Quality Custom Kitchen Backsplashes in Columbus, OH

I started working for Southwestern Tile & Marble in 1987. I never dreamed I would still be working with tile. Chris and I met in 1992 and have been working together since 1999. We were lucky enough to work on many great projects around town and with great builders. We can direct you to the area's best designers and tile suppliers. We can stop by and look at your space before you go shopping for tile. It will take us one day to install your new backsplash and then half a day to grout. We only offer backsplashes, which helps us be flexible with your schedule. We try to be there the day after installing your new countertops.

Davey Tile
Brian Davey Headshot

Brian Davey

Although we only focus on kitchen backsplashes and no longer do floor and walls, I am still very proud of the work we have done over the last 30 years.

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Christina Davey

Since leaving the printing industry over 20 years ago I have never looked back. Every job is new and no two are alike.